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The story of Red Vintage

Red Vintage is established in 2018 by Christina on Instagram. We focus on vintage, retro and secondhand pieces, because we love how unique they are and the histories they carry. We believe clothing is a little drama we show the world, an identity we want to share. Therefore, we travel around the world to find you special pieces, clean, repair and photograph them with love, so they are ready to match with your wonderful wardrobe. In Red Vintage, we spend a lot of time on styling too, so remember to check out our active instagram page for inspirations!

About Me


Shop owner

Hi boys and girls! My name is Jingchen, but just call me Christina if you want. I am from China and living now with my boyfriend in Denmark. Sometimes I think starting this shop may have been my destiny, cause I was born loving old things, everything vintage, antique and even just old houses. Besides, a huge part of my friends are small shop owners. I love how they put their energy and passion into the shops, and I am fond of that free lifestyle they normally own. Red Vintage has brought a lot into my life, I have never doubted my love for this little creature. One day, one day in the future I will own a small house for the shop, but until then, just find me here, don't hesitate to send me messages if you have any questions!

Send you love,


Åh søde Christina, du kender mig vidst for godt! Blazeren er perfekt og den lille fine halskæde du har lagt med er så skøn, jeg har kigget efter sådan en perlekæde! Glædelig jul og tak for at jeg må støtte din lille fine butik.


The sweet card and the earrings and the packing, I'm just crying over-the-moon happy and I haven't even looked at the dresses yet, how do you do it!?