You are unique

They are not just clothes.

In Red Vintage, we believe our outfit is a mini-drama we put on every day. It shows the world who we are and how we feel. We take our time to dress up or down, and we treat our clothes like precious art. We are the people that will go to a stranger because of his/her clothes. This is the way we greet each other: `Hi! I love your outfit!`

About Us

Red Vintage is established on Instagram in 2018. In 2020 the official website was launched and this little shop grows from there. We focus on handpicked vintage/secondhand pieces and handmade redesign from leftover/secondhand fabric. For the vintage section, we pick unique ones with great quality. And for redesign models, we wish to create pieces fun to play with and easy to style with. In Red Vintage, we want to bring you garments that spark joy, send you packages that make you smile, and provide customer services that make you feel secure.

Shop Owner

Red Vintage is right now a one-girl business. My name is Xi Jingchen, or you can call me by my western name Christina. I am a Chinese girl living in Denmark. Besides this shop, I am a literature translator between Danish and Chinese, a photographer, and a travel-addicted. My dream is one day, I can have a cozy corner shop, with everything I love in it. By that, I mean I feel happy just by looking at those things. I will decorate it with flowers and souvenirs from travel, and everyone can feel the peace in their heart when they enter the place. Just like that one shop you still remember from the trip to Paris.

Follow us on Insta

We started on Instagram and are still very active there. Besides news in the shop, we regularly post videos of styling ideas and share the treasure hunting with you. So give us a follow if you are using Insta!